Yoga in Pregnancy
Pregnancy is such a sweet phase of bringing a new life into creation. It gives a woman the feelings of joy and fulfillment. When a woman gets pregnant her body goes through a lot of physical and mental changes. Where waiting for a small creation for nine months to become handy is a joyful and...
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Ten Calcium-Rich Foods for Kids
Calcium- an essential mineral for bone strength in growing kids! It is found in many foods and makes bones and teeth healthier and stronger. Besides, it performs several other functions in the body such as heart health, muscle contraction, and nerve stimulation. On average a growing kid needs 2-4 servings (700 mg to 1300 mg) of...
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Health Effects of Cigarette Smoking
Almost 160100 people die every year due to diseases caused by cigarette smoking. Cigarettes may contain about 600 ingredients. Which, upon burning produce 7000 chemicals that do nothing good to your health, says American Lung Association. Cigarette smoking affects almost every organ of your body. Every fifteen cigarettes you smoke causes mutations in your body....
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Red Meat! Why is it Dangerous for Health?
Red meat is the meat of mammals (beef, lamb, sheep, etc.) that is red when uncooked or raw.  Human beings have been eating it since the Stone Age and evolution. They had healthier hearts and longer lives.  Red meat contains multiple health benefits and good nutrients like iron, zinc, vitamin B3, B6, B12, selenium, and...
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Planning for Keto Diet! These Pros and Cons you must Know
We have been hearing this term keto quite a lot lately. It may seem new to you but this is not the fact. You may feel surprised upon hearing that the ketogenic diet is almost a hundred years old phenomenon. It became in limelight in the 1920s when it was proven to be helpful for...
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Health Benefits of Mangoes
Mango (Mangifera indica)— the King of Fruits, and the National fruit of Pakistan. It is delicious as well as a power pack of multiple healthy nutrients. Mangoes were first cultivated in South East Asia almost 4000 years ago. This tropical, juicy, pulpy, and delicious fruit is a stone fruit.  With a varied skin color from...
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Foods that Harm your Heart Health
Despite knowing that certain food might harm your heart health, changing already built eating habits is tough. But after all, habits are habits, and they get changed over time. Knowing what you eat is important to have a healthy heart. It doesn’t matter if you have some years of an unhealthy diet under your belt,...
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Polio- an Endemic Disease in Pakistan
Nearly three effortful decades of Polio eradication campaigns but Polio is still an endemic disease in Pakistan. Polio is a viral infection disease and left as an endemic disease in two countries only, Pakistan and Afghanistan.  Poliovirus is a viral infection that causes several severe health-related issues. Such as immobility, breathing difficulty, limb deformation, and...
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