5 common anxiety symptoms in men

5 common anxiety symptoms in men

What is anxiety?

Anxiety is a feeling of agitation, not being at ease or relaxed, fear, and worry. Anyone can feel anxious depending on the events that are coming in your life, you might feel anxious when you’re sitting in your exam, giving an interview, going for surgery. Anxiety is not gender-specific and anyone can experience it. It can be mild or severe.


Anxiety in men

Just like women, men can also get anxious. But a man’s anxiety is described more like anger or irritability as this aggression is more socially acceptable for men than them being anxious or losing their control over things. A psychologist doesn’t consider anger, in general, a symptom of anxiety.


What causes anxiety in men?

Men can get anxious over many things depending on the situation following are some scenarios that can be a potential cause for their anxiety

  • Health problems
  • Unstable relationship
  • Not getting a job
  • Not social enough or finding it hard to fit in
  • Separation/Divorce
  • Drug and alcohol usage


Studies show that women are twice as likely as men to have anxiety. But this doesn’t make anxiety in men any less important. Men tend to have this aura going around them that any so-called “minor inconvenience” in their lives is nothing that they can’t handle. This is why men are not good at expressing their feelings as society expects them to be more strong because it’s a sign of good masculinity. This is a type of pressure that keeps them from resolving their situations and making them act like they don’t care.


5 common anxiety symptoms in men:

Symptoms of anxiety are not limited to just sweaty palms or rapid breathing. It can get very severe which can even hinder your work performance or sleep schedule.


The following are physical symptoms of anxiety in men:


  • Excessive sweating
  • Agitation
  • Restlessness
  • Feeling dizzy
  • Pounding heartbeat
  • Panic attacks
  • Insomnia trouble in sleeping at night
  • Shortness of breath


The following are emotional symptoms of anxiety in men:


  • Worrying about things not going as planned
  • Dreadful feeling
  • Avoiding the situation
  • Losing concentration easily
  • Overthinking
  • Fidgeting or irritability
  • Being overly cautious about the situation
  • The feeling of not having control over the situation
  • Zoning out or absent-mindedness




Anxiety is a mental problem that needs to be paid attention to. You just can’t wait for the situation to end and think that ends your anxiety too. Your anxiety will only keep getting worse with time until you’ve received proper medical help. Just like a heart attack, it’s also a condition which you need to consult a doctor for just because these issues are not given any importance doesn’t mean you’ve to keep dealing with it when you know there are ways you can get out of this war within your own self.

Work out an action plan once you’re diagnosed with anxiety. The following are some ways that can help with your anxiety

  • Changing your lifestyle.

-Spend more time with friends or family members who help you out or put your mind at ease, by pushing you forward and motivating you.

-Exercising regularly helps to take your mind off the problems you’re facing, it can help you stay more focused and follow a routine.

-By correcting your sleep schedule, don’t pull all-nighters just to overthink the situation you’re in. The best you do in that situation is to get some rest by taking a nap.

-Limit your drug usage, don’t smoke or drink alcohol the high you feel after having them will only last for some time, and then the harsh reality will be rubbed back in your face. You can’t run away from your problems by doing drugs.

-Try having a healthy diet.

  • Psychological treatment

-Therapy, for this your doctor will advise you to see a therapist or counselor

-Antidepressant medication if your doctor prescribes it, it will surely help you.



There are many tips for men who are coming up with anxiety. The best one is to find an approach that suits you the best, which helps your well-being. Some people find ease in staying active physically doing anything that makes them feel accomplished and good in their daily routine. Another way is to find a hobby that you enjoy, taking time out for yourself, you can do painting, gaming anything that you know you’re doing solely for the purpose of making yourself happy.

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